1 Mar 2017

can i called this..reminder

I wanna share with you about passion.
Tak semua orang terlahir menjadi ilmuwan, takkan berdosa jika pada akhirnya kau menjadi penjual sambel uleg sukses dengan ratusan cabang tersebar di indonesia atau pengusaha berlian khas borneo.
The only thing that you should hold tight is..... FOLLOW ur PASSION!
Never let the passion dissappointed then leave you alone with your fake dream to be astronout just to make your mother smile. Thats just a FAKE!
Believe and make sure that your mother want you to be HAPPY, its more than being PROUD.
You will be proud if you happy, but its doesnt mean you will be happy if you proud.
Dont let your self live in the middle of your fake dream. If you born to be professional chef.. just spend whole of your time in the kitchen. Never go out from the kitchen before you made your fenomenal masterpiece!

And....... if you fated to be doctor..... then.. you are more than know what you have to do. 

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